The 2007-2008 cast for Shades of Black was selected in 2007. The auditions at Morgan State University were well-attended, with over 15 students auditioning and being chosen for a role. Khadijah Ali-Coleman directed the play which was produced by Morgan State University's Office of Residence Life. Susan O'Hara was the play's Assistant Director.

of Shades of Black: a thought in progress

Moon- Krystal Dynasty Brown
Moon (voice over)- Susan O'Hara
Black Shakespeare– Suraju Ola Jolaoso
Segue-Way- Stephan Cox
Announcer- Suraju Ola Jolaoso
Contradiction- Jerron Gerald
Hype Man #1- Brendan Jackson
Hype Man #2- Brandon Williams
Contradiction Dancer #1– Stee Ferrell
Contradicition Dancer #2– Tiffany Hathorn
Seela- Devan Prescott
Woman #1-Keairra Adams
Woman #2-Walida Mukhtar
Woman #3-Zyrashae Smith
Woman #4- Stee Ferell
Ola Mae- Adongo Tia-Okwee
Dancer Soloist: Ashley Broden
Trumpet Player– Jared Perry
Mr. Graves- Kendrick McCleod
Mr. Hall– Brandon Williams
Mr. Davis– Robert Jamall Johnson
Jena Protester #1-Brendan Jackson
Jena Protester #2- Jasmine Couch
Jena Protester #3-Zyrashae Smith
Segregation Protester #1– Claudette Rhone
Segregation Protester #2-Adongo Tia Okwee
Segregation Protester #3/singer- Kendrick Mcleod
Ashol- Brandon Williams
Bria-Susan O'Hara
Lisa- Vidda Beache
Brother #1– Robert Jamall Johnson
Brother #2- David Lewis

What Did You Enjoy Most About the Play?

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